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Philosophy and sociology tutoring in Kingston upon Thames and on-line

We provide tuition, intensive revision courses and support for A-level, IB and GCSE students. We offer extended essay support, Theory of Knowledge (IB), EPQ, RS, philosophy and sociology tutoring in Kingston and on-line via Zoom. Contact us here.

Advice and support with university applications, personal statements and interview preparation is also available. In particular, we offer preparation for Oxbridge applicants.

We are also home to the Richmond Journal of Philosophy.



Philosophy and Sociology tutoring in Eastbourne



The fundamental principle guiding our approach is that your tutor ought to be an experienced teacher who is an expert in the subject being studied. You will only ever be tutored by an experienced expert. Based in Kingston upon Thames, we provide both on-line Zoom tutorials and (post pandemic) local face-to-face  tutorials Your tutorial is based on your needs. In general, the ingredients of an effective tutorial are simple - we help you know the stuff and to be able to explain, analyse and evaluate it. More formally put, we support you in understanding the subject content and in developing the skills required to set out this understanding and to develop an argument. With that knowledge and set of skills under you belt, there is no examination or assessment that can catch you out.

Subjects We Cover:

  • Philosophy (A-level and IB)
  • RS (A-level and GCSE)
  • Sociology (A-level and GCSE)
  • EPQ (AS level)
  • Theory of knowledge (IB)
  • Extended essay (IB)

Philosophy and Sociology tutoring in Eastbourne


Intensive Recovery and Revision Courses

Over the school holidays we offer intensive courses in philosophy, sociology and religious studies. In light of the disruption experienced by many students as a result of lockdown, it may be particularly important to consolidate knowledge and practise skills outside of normal lessons this year. Please contact us directly for more information on our intensive recovery and revision tuition.



Philosophy and Sociology Tutoring in Eastbourne

 Tuition for GCSE, A-level and IB

Catering to all ages we can provide tuition from GCSE grades and above. To see specific levels available in a specific tuition subject please refer to our tuition subjects page. 

Tuition Subjects

Philosophy and Sociology tutoring in Eastbourne, DBS Checked

 Experienced DBS Checked Tutors

With over 18 years experience in philosophy, sociology, and religious studies we can help you on the way to success. We also have enhanced DBS checks, copies of which are are available upon request.

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Resources for philosophy and sociology tutoring in Eastbourne

Resources At Your Fingertips

As part of your tuition with us you will have access to some great resources to help you on your way to success. We will provide you with login details on your first session with us. 

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 Philosophy and sociology tutoring in Eastbourne over skype

 Tuition in Kingston or on-line

We offer  face-to-face tuition in the Kingston area.  Alternatively, we provide tuition over Zoom to anywhere in the world. 

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Tuition Catered To You

Email or call us with your requirements for tuition and, If we think we can help, we will arrange a telephone call or Zoom meeting to discuss further and arrange tuition with you.
Our basic hourly tutorial charge is £35

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 Richmond journal of philosophy

Home Of the Richmond Journal of Philosophy

Established in 2002 by the philosophy department of Richmond upon Thames College the Richmond journal of philosophy provides serious philosophy for those embarking on a first course of study. 

 The archive can be found by clicking here 




Philosophy and Sociology tuition in Eastbourne offering university interview preparation


Interview Preparation for Oxbridge and Personal Statement Writing For University

We offer advice on where to apply, the writing of the personal statement and practice interviews. Paul has been advising students on university applications since 2001 and has provided specialist help for those with Oxbridge ambitions. This includes guidance on extra-curricular reading during year 12, samples of work to be submitted, entrance tests and the personal statement.
Finally, there is perhaps the most important part of the process -  the advice and practice provided for the interview...

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Who Are We? 

Find out more about Logos tutoring and our philosophy and sociology tutoring . Meet our founding principals, Sophie Stevenet and Paul Sheehy.

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Do I need to be at school or college?

No. But, if you are not, then you will need to make sure that you are entered to sit the exam at an approved centre - usually a local college. I can help you with this.

Are there any costs apart from the tutoring?

You will need a textbook. You may also want to attend a revision course.

What is the minimum time I should have for tutorials?

1 hour a week. However, a tutor cannot cover all aspects of topics in this time. You should devote at least 8 hours a week to your course, if you are an A Level or AS student, and at least 4 hours, if you are a GCSE student. A tutor is not a replacement for actually attending class and completing all the work set. A private tutor should be seen as supplementing what you learn in the classroom or at home, not a replacement for it.

 Philosophy and Sociology tuition in Eastbourne

 Philosophy and Sociology tuition in Eastbourne


Private tuition in Eastbourne


What Do I Get Out Of Having A Tutor?

In one very important sense there is no useful general answer to this question. You may want to have a tutor because you are struggling to understand key ideas or how to answer certain kinds of questions. You may really like the subject, but feel you are not understanding as much as you would like in the time available in class. Maybe your teacher or lecturer is not a subject expert and is struggling to explain topics with the clarity or depth you would like. You may have a current grade that is worrying in terms of your progression to the second year of the course or in relation to your predicted grades for university or offers. You may just not want to leave anything to chance. Even with that unconditional offer from a decent university, there is no downside to securing the highest possible grades and perhaps trading up in the post-results race for places. The range of reasons is very wide. Our initial aim is to understand why you (or your parents!) are looking at tutorial support and to decide how we can most effectively help you.

There is, though, an equally important sense in which this question can be answered with great precision and universality. With the support of an effective tutor you should develop a confident command in the key elements in the study of the subject. We will help you understand the questions that define the subject. In grasping why certain questions - for example, ‘what is knowledge?’ or, ‘how should I lead my life?’ - are regarded as fundamental to philosophy you acquire a position to properly engage with the frequently difficult ideas in the course. We can explain the concepts, arguments and theories that attempt to provide answers to these questions. In appreciating the ideas and approaches of different thinkers and being albe to set out accurately their views, you can begin to evaluate the key theories. We can guide you through the skills and process of analysis and evaluation. You will need all of these to do as well as you can in examinations. More importantly, in being able to understand, explain and analyse fascinating and divergent approaches to fundamental questions you will know our world better. 


What Is Philosophy? 

The word ‘philosophy’ is derived from the Greek word which means ‘love of wisdom’. A less grand sounding, but more accurate definition of philosophy is as the enquiry into and reflection about the general features and nature of the world and our experience of it. From the very outset it is important to note that the nature, scope, subject matter and methods of philosophy are themselves the subject of much debate between philosophers, and they are indeed a subject of philosophical enquiry. With that warning in place we can generalise nonetheless about the aim of philosophical investigation.... 

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What Is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of society.  It involves studying social groups, such as men and women, different social classes and different ethnic, religious and age groups.  Often sociology highlights differences and inequalities between these groups and tries to explain these inequalities.

It is also concerned with studying social problems such as racism, gender inequality, crime and poverty, including where they stem from and how they affect people’s chances in life.

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 Philosophy tutoring in Eastbourne

Sociology tutoring in Eastbourne



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